Saturday, 27 July 2013


Our names are Tabs and Meg but our new Mum and Dad are a little posh and sometime they call us Tabatha and Megan.
When I Tabs was about 8 months old I had my baby Meg but the nasty people I lived with threw me and Meg into a hedge . We were then rescued and last week we came to live with our new mum and dad. We hope to make a lot of friends on here ;cats, dogs, horses, people, we don't mind!!!
Meg says she isn't going to talk to anyone but she is only little and I am sure she won't be so rude as she gets older !!
We are looking forward to meeting you all !!!
"Are these new people going to be nice to us ??"

Megan being very cautious.

"I'm still not too sure abut you."

"Neither am I !!"

"Maybe they are not too bad after all !!!"

Day Two
"May be I will like living here but I'm not sure yet!!"

"Oops nearly forgot myself here and almost purred !!!"

"This is the life I think !!"

"I wonder if this was supposed to be my new bed !!!"

" This is great fun !!!"

Day Three
"Ooooops caught out again !!!!"

"Now then let's see what's out here !!"